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LDN stands for Low Dose Naltrexone. Naltrexone was approved by the FDA in 1984. At a high dose of 50 mg, it is used to help opium addicts by blocking opioid receptors and therefore blocking the effects of opioids. 

Today, physicians and patients are testing the effects of a much smaller dose, as low as 0.5 mg or below, of Naltrexone to provide immune defenses against a wide variety of diseases.

If you are interested in recent studies, news, and clinical trials, visit https://www.ldnresearchtrust.org/how-naltrexone-works.


As research on Low Dose Naltrexone continues to develop, you may have heard about this drug and its potential benefits. If these anecdotes and articles have only led to more questions, then you’re in the right place. The team at Stanley Specialty Pharmacy is here to answer your Low Dose Naltrexone FAQs, from usage to dosage. 

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Could I benefit from LDN?

Patients and physicians have been using LDN for a wide variety of diseases.

The following conditions have been studied utilizing Low Dose Naltrexone:

  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancer
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • And more

According to studies, from some of the most prestigious institutions, LDN has shown great potential for many conditions.

How do you take LDN?

LDN is typically taken at night so that it can take effect while you’re sleeping. With the help of compounding pharmacies, Naltrexone can be compounded into many forms, like capsules, liquids, and other dosage forms. This allows you to choose the method that best fits your lifestyle and preferences. 

How do I know what dose to take?

First, you’ll need to talk with a physician to confirm that LDN is right for you and to receive a prescription. Once you have your prescription, you should work with a compounding pharmacy to ensure the dosage form and dose are filled with your specific needs in mind. 

When it comes to choosing a pharmacy, be sure to work with a pharmacy that has experience in LDN and uses reliable, high-quality LDN. Don’t be afraid to ask your pharmacist about the steps Stanley Specialty Pharmacy takes to assure the highest quality and safety for our patients.