WELCOME Mobley Rx Labs Patients! Stanley Specialty Pharmacy is happy to serve your unique compounding needs.



Stanley Specialty Pharmacy offers Thyroid, USP, an alternative to Synthroid and others for hypothyroidism sufferers. A combination of both T3 and T4 (the “active” form of thyroid).

If you are already on Thyroid, USP but have a unique dose it is no longer necessary to split your Thyroid, USP tablets.  We offer customized doses not commercially available.  In addition, if you have side effects due to the inactive ingredients of the Armour, WesThroid, and Nature-Throid brands, we can compound the strength you need with minimal fillers.

In addition to Thyroid, USP, Stanley Specialty Pharmacy has the ability to compound T3 (liothyronine) and/or T4 (levothyroxine) alone or in customized combinations.  These are also available in Immediate Release and Sustained Release Capsule forms.

Please contact the experienced professionals at Stanley Specialty Pharmacy, and we will help you get your body back up to speed!